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Find Your Calling

You believe God is calling you into mission. But you need to know more.

Serge Apprenticeships bring together what God is doing in your heart with hands-on mission work and personal mentoring to help you discern your calling.

In this 15-24 month intensive program, you’ll experience cross-cultural mission work while serving alongside a local ministry team. You’ll also be mentored by veteran Serge missionaries in the Christ-centered, grace-based teaching that shapes our culture and compels our work.

Develop a love for the gospel, the kingdom, and other cultures through a Serge Apprenticeship. Check out the steps to the field to start your apprenticeship.

A Kingdom Worldview

Explore the nature of God’s Kingdom, how it works, and where you get true power. You’ll also experience team ministry, as well as gain exposure to new models of church planting and evangelism. This will help you see God at work in and through all kinds of cultures and all types of people.

God Works Through Weakness

Discover the power of the gospel through a mentoring relationship using the Sonship course, which addresses themes such as freedom, weakness, forgiveness, and honor. See how the gospel gives believers the opportunity to wrestle with the challenges of life while simultaneously offering hope and beauty beyond our imagination.

Cultural Sensitivity, Critical Thinking

Cultivate your understanding of the culture you’re living and serving in. We make space for you to learn languages and explore the history, religions, the people, and various ways of seeing the world.

Ministry Ability Development

Expand your knowledge and skills. You’ll be mentored in the many facets of cross-cultural ministry, including: Evangelism, Speaking, Teaching, Discipleship, Research, Prayer, and works of Justice and Mercy.

Leadership Training

Test and confirm your gifts as you serve in positions of leadership. We’ll involve you in the ministry of local mission teams as your interests and gifts surface.

Team Dynamics

Learn the tools for resolving conflict, battling discouragement, and overcoming fear. These skills will help you thrive during your apprenticeship and serve you well for the rest of your life.

Prayer as the Source of Power

Nurture a lifestyle of prayer. The real work of mission is prayer and Serge is committed to it as a way of moving the kingdom forward.


Understand what’s next. As you re-enter your home culture or begin a career in cross-cultural mission, we’ll help you get ready for where God is leading you.

Serge Apprentices receive training in one-to-one, personalized mentoring.

Learn alongside other apprentices in diverse ministries.

Make a meaningful contribution for the world's good and God's glory.

What Others Are Saying

Coming into the Apprenticeship, I knew I loved having a front row seat to see the gospel at work in the lives of others. But this opportunity helped me see that gospel transformation wasn’t over for ME yet. Maybe ministry is the thing that happens when you let others see your own deep abiding need for Christ.