Nairobi, Kenya


Ministry and Culture

Approximately 3.5 million people live  in the extremely diverse city of Nairobi.  There are people from all over the world, from all faiths and economic statuses.  One of the most unique aspects of city life is the juxtaposition of the modern world with old school traditions and ways.  In a matter of minutes you will see new, bustling malls and highways with a traditionally dressed Maasai man herding his cattle across the road as well as mamas alongside the streets in little dukas selling bananas and everything else you can think of.  Nairobi is home to one of the largest slums in the world, sitting right in the middle of new, expensive high rises and houses. You will hear a multitude of languages and experience a clash of cultures on every corner. This makes it an ideal location for apprentices to serve with an on-going Serge ministry while being immersed in the religions and cultures surrounding them.  In light of this unique atmosphere, the team in Nairobi has the opportunity to bring the gospel to both unreached people groups and a church saturated culture. We seek to be living in constant dependence on Jesus, sharing his grace and bearing witness to the gospel to each other and those around us through transparent community and pursuing redemption in all things.


Who is the Nairobi Apprenticeship Program for?

  • Individuals who are followers of Jesus and are becoming Christ-dependent, Spirit-Empowered, and passionate for the Kingdom of God – both at home and abroad
  • Those who are considering long-term international ministry.
  • People who have completed high school and have two years of independent living behind them.  
  • Ordinary Individuals who aren’t afraid to ask questions and are prepared to be stripped down of what they understand about themselves and the cultures they have been and will be involved in.
  • Servant leaders who are desiring to be a part of a community and team that have a love for Nairobi and her people, and who want to see this city freed through the power of the Gospel.
  • People who are willing to be flexible and have a learner posture.

What to expect in a Serge Nairobi Apprenticeship Program?

  • Teaching: Curriculum includes study of the culture and religions in Nairobi, Evangelism, Prayer, Discipling others, and Studying the Bible among other things.  
  • Experience:  Apprentices will be immersed in the local culture and are guided in cross-cultural ministry.  Apprentices will be involved in Soccer ministry, Chronological Bible Storying, and Church ministry.  Each apprentice will be involved with and committed to a local church while they are in Nairobi. They will help with the Serge Summer internship program for college age students from the US.  
  • Discipleship and mentoring:  Serge team Nairobi apprentices will be paired with a mentor to walk with them through their spiritual growth while in Nairobi.  They will work through some gospel-centered studies with their mentor. They will also be a part of Serge team life to help process and grow as they minister.  
  • Language: On any given day you will hear a multitude of languages in Nairobi.  Apprentices will focus on Kiswahili through an intensive.
  • Prayer: Our team is committed to pray together and as individuals.  Apprentices will be a part of these times with the team and will experience a chance to go on two vision and prayer trips to other Serge teams both in country and out.


More Information

The Nairobi Apprentice program is a 15 month program.  Those interested should click the Apply Now button on the right for more more information.