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The Arts and God’s Kingdom

In the beginning, God created. The God of the universe is an artist. Serge artist missionaries seek to reflect the artistry of our Creator through a variety of arts ministries, providing a frayed world with glimpses of the beauty of the Lord.

If you want to combine your art skills with your passion for sharing the gospel, we’d love to talk with you!

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How Serge Approaches the Arts

Process Over Results

Serge teams promote a culture of grace in all activities, including art. This mindset lends itself to an artistic method that gives artists the freedom to be themselves in their creative endeavors, knowing their identities are firmly established and not tied to the results of their performance.

A Relationship with the Creator

Participating in the creative process allows artists to access what they truly believe about God in the core of their beings. This creates a deeper relationship between Christ and the artist while acting as a signpost pointing to God for those who experience the works of art.

Marrying Theology and the Arts

Serge employs a robust theology of the arts. This foundation liberates artists to create truly Christian works – art that deals as much with the brokenness in the world as with beauty. Artists are therefore given a platform to speak openly about issues important to the Father, including poverty, illness, and the plight of the stranger.

Using Art to Humanize

Serge teams use art to raise up individuals who have been marginalized. This includes those who are homeless, in poverty or recovering from addiction. By creating meaningful and powerful art, these overlooked members of society can change the way that others perceive them. This grace and redemption are facilitated through the arts.

How the work gets done

We Work in Teams

Serge prioritizes sending workers as teams. Teams provide workers with a meaningful social life, shared prayer and worship, and the strength of working cross-culturally together. We seek to create teams with a shared vision so that each individual’s work is strengthened by others’ gifts and efforts.

Art as a Point of Connection

Developing meaningful relationships is fundamental to effective mission work, but creating relationships in an organic way can be difficult. Art offers a common ground for missionaries and members of the local community to establish bonds. Whether working together to develop art or simply talking about creative work, real relationships grow out of a shared love for the arts.

Providing Economic Stability

Not only is art a worthy venture in and of itself, but it can also be a source of economic stability. Around the world, we work with local artists to make a business of their craft. This turns art into a viable source of income.

A Crucial Work

At Serge, we see the arts as a crucial component of the missionary endeavor. We are not pragmatically using arts to reach people, but rather embracing art as fundamental to who we are as humans–and helping others use and find their skills for God’s glory.


Areas of the world where we do Arts Ministry:

If you’d like to use your art skills for the gospel, we’d love to talk with you!

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