The Japanese are the second largest unreached people group in the world.

Less than 1% of Japanese are born-again Christians and many churches are aging and closing as the overall population declines.

In a country where economic stagnation and a persistently high suicide rate create a deep cloud of spiritual darkness the Gospel provides profound hope, but there are many cultural barriers to becoming Christian.

But even more than cultural tradition, the greatest barrier is that many Japanese do not know a Christian and have never been to a church.

Serge partners with church planting teams throughout Japan to plant new churches so that more and more Japanese can have access to visible communities of Christ. Our primary partner in this work is Mission to the World, the missions agency of the Presbyterian Church in America.

We send missionaries to Japan with a broad array of gifts and professions, from pastors to teachers to musicians to artists.

To find out more about Serge’s partnership with MTW for direct church planting in Japan, contact us at serge.org/go.

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