U.K. — Tower Hamlets

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The Borough of Tower Hamlets, London

Just east of the center of London and its famous landmarks lies Tower Hamlets, the fastest growing borough in the city. Tower Hamlets’ eight square miles hold great diversity—a third of the population are of South Asian ethnicity and another third belong to other minority ethnic groups. The borough also includes the lowest percentage of Christians in any area of the U.K., presenting an opportunity for believers to provide a loving, truth-proclaiming community for those seeking Jesus.

Ministry Expressions

The Serge team seeks to establish a culturally understandable church among the borough’s diverse community. These efforts include hospitality, outreach, worship, preaching, discipleship, teaching, leadership development, and service.


Through outreach and discipleship, the team hopes to gather a group of multi-ethnic believers that is marked by sincere worship, authentic community, steadfast outreach, and sacrificial service. As team members prepare for ministry in this religiously diverse area, they are praying that God will use believers from Tower Hamlets to build His Kingdom in the borough and eventually the world.

Building the Team

The Serge team in Tower Hamlets seeks additional people to help start and grow a new church and serve the multi-ethnic community of East London. The team especially seeks people who are gifted in outreach, discipleship, and building community. Since the team’s work is just beginning, members may have the opportunity to establish new ministries of outreach, mercy, and discipling that align with their interests and experience. New team members should love people and love Christ’s Church. In ministry that may be slow to produce visible results, they should wait expectantly for God’s work, motivated by love for their neighbors and the grace of the gospel in their own lives.


  • For God’s vision and love for Tower Hamlets to fill the hearts of team members;
  • For many opportunities to share the gospel and wisdom to know how best to communicate its truth in this context;
  • For God to open and prepare hearts in the community to hear and respond to the gospel;
  • For God to raise up many disciples in Tower Hamlets who are passionate about reaching their community for Christ and seeing God’s kingdom grow there.