Chile – Quillota

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The City of Quillota, Chile

Quillota is a city of 85,000 in central Chile’s Aconcagua River Valley, which descends from the Andes mountains in the east to the Pacific Ocean.

Although two-thirds of Chileans self-identify as Christian, and while Latin America as a whole has experienced widespread revivals in the past, currently there is a very shallow understanding of the gospel of grace and the application of the gospel to daily life.

In general, Chileans have a strong sense of obligation in relating to God, so the message of freedom in Christ is powerfully transformative in the lives of believers.

Ministry Expressions

For more than 14 years, the Serge team in Chile has been partnering with indigenous leaders through mentoring and discipleship, with a dual emphasis on church planting and renewal within established churches.

The team sponsors conferences for leadership development and has sponsored short-term teams to do construction projects in support of national churches.

In everything, the team focuses on building relationships in order to share in the lives of Chileans in a way that makes gospel communication real and effective.


The response to the gospel focus that Serge brings has powerfully changed the perspective of many Chileans.

This has led to new freedom in loving others, confessing sin, being transparent, and seeing the gospel going into the lives of others.

The Serge team mentors young church-planting pastors in the region and works with the youth in the National Presbyterian Church of Chile who are working toward the transformation of their communities and churches.


  • For workers to join our team;
  • For financial support for current team members;
  • For the Spirit to bless our discipling efforts;
  • For growth in church plants in the towns of San Felipe, Los Andes, Limache, Quillota, Valparaíso, and Viña del Mar.