Kingston is an increasingly diverse area of Greater London that has attracted many immigrant families, especially throughout the last three decades.

Due to the competitive schools available and the development of the local university, a growing number of families and students root themselves here. Although there are some churches, the area lacks ones that are both intentionally intercultural and provide reformed teaching. The unique challenge is gathering diverse leadership that can draw in the diverse community we’re hoping for, while also partnering with other British churches to tackle the plummeting number of believers in London.

The main goal is to cultivate intercultural congregations with the necessary tools and training to reach the lost. This Serge team also shows special concern for the dispersed (diaspora) community that doesn’t necessarily feel like they belong or are understood by a host (British) church or in their passport (parent’s) church. The hope is that these spiritually homeless individuals would ultimately find belonging in Christ through the church plants this team is cultivating.

Types of Work

  • Church Planting and Pastoral Ministry
  • Counseling
  • Discipleship and Training
  • Youth Ministry

    What We Do in UK – Kingston

    This Serge team has a heart for church planting in Kingston, and much of the groundwork has already been laid. As they continue to build relationships with the community, as well as network with other local churches and mission organizations, they hope to see the expansion of the Kingdom in this area.

    The majority of the team’s daily activities involves spreading the message of grace through Christ’s accomplished work on the cross. This includes but is not limited to–extending hospitality, organizing and hosting social gatherings catered to the needs of the community, and conducting Bible studies.

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    Missions Opportunities UK – Kingston

    The Serge Kingston Team is prayerfully seeking fellow workers to join in their mission. They are looking for skilled musicians to lead worship, children and youth leaders, community outreach workers, and an administrator to oversee operations. Join their mission to serve the Kingston area faithfully.

    Here are the ways you can join our team:

    How You Can Pray

    • Please pray for the youth and the young adults, as their presence in the Church is diminishing. 
    • Pray also for the young families that come to build a prosperous future for themselves, that they would be able to find life in the community and church.

    Interested in Serving in UK – Kingston?

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