Chogoria is a paradox of beauty and hardship.

Situated in the Eastern foothills of Mt. Kenya, the town is surrounded by rolling hills, tea fields, and coffee plantations. The population in Chogoria consists mostly of subsistence farmers who depend on their crop harvests for the livelihood of their families.

The common religious beliefs in the area are Christian, Muslim, traditional African beliefs, and moralism. Spiritual warfare is real and active in the lives of people living in this region, whether through demonic activity, addictions, a health/wealth ideology, or domestic abuse. Shame and hopelessness are commonly seen through the number of young people that come through the doors of Chogoria Hospital having attempted suicide. 

And yet, God’s kingdom is actively expanding in Central Kenya through the preaching of His Word and the prayer of the saints. Our team seeks to equip and empower the body of Christ to be His hands and feet to those who desperately need healing, grace, and freedom.

Missionaries in Chogoria make up a multi-ethnic, multi-organizational team that shares the common goal of training, equipping, and supporting rising physicians and healthcare workers at the PCEA Chogoria Mission Hospital to provide gospel-centered care and carry the gospel to Chogoria region and its diaspora.

Types of Work

  • Discipleship and Training
  • Education
  • Medical Missions
  • Missionary Kid Teachers

    What We Do in Kenya – Chogoria

    Our team serves at PCEA Chogoria Hospital, a 300-bed mission hospital started in 1922 by the Scottish Presbyterian Mission and now overseen by the Presbyterian Church of East Africa. 

    Serge began a partnership with the PCEA Chogoria Mission Hospital in 2016 to support its work of training Family Medicine resident physicians. Since that time, the work has expanded to include the training of clinical officers, nurses, chaplains, and other hospital staff.

    Through partnership with Chogoria Hospital leadership, our team aims to equip rising physicians and healthcare workers and strengthen the hospital to become a training facility for the Central Kenya region. 

    Our team invests in training clinical officers, nurses, and physicians in emergency and critical care skills that help decrease mortality rates and improve outcomes for the sickest patients who come through the hospital doors.

    Serge’s team also works in the departments of Casualty, Inpatient and Outpatient Medicine, Surgery, and Pediatric departments to provide high-quality, compassionate care to the patients in our hospital.

    Through prayer, debriefing opportunities, and weekly training sessions in trauma counseling, we seek to support and encourage these frontline workers in bringing the hope of the Gospel to every patient in our hospital and their families.

    Meet The Team

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    Missions Opportunities Kenya – Chogoria

    The Serge team in Chogoria seeks the following team members:

    Orthopedic Surgeon: Approximately 70 percent of surgical patients at Chogoria have orthopedic injuries. Additionally, a newly established surgical residency has been started, making the need for teaching and training high. We are looking for a compassionate individual with a humble spirit to come alongside and assist with the surgery load as well as train others in orthopedic skills. 

    Project and Finance Manager: Looking for someone with strong organizational skills and people skills to help track project income/expensesm, find and apply for grants, create fundraising materials, and more.

    They also have an ongoing need for missionary kid teachers for the children of the mission team.

    Here are the ways you can join our team:

    How You Can Pray

    • For wisdom and integrity in our hospital leadership, and continued blessing in our partnership 
    • For protection against mission drift and that the renewing work of the Gospel would remain central to all that we do
    • That God would raise up a generation of African healthcare providers that are passionate about serving the poor and taking the Gospel to the farthest regions of their countries
    • For unity, grace, and fellowship amongst those who live in our Chogoria community

    Current Staffing Needs

    Teaching Assistant/Medical Vocational Intern – Chogoria, Kenya

    Support the homeschooling families of the Chogoria Mission Hospital!

    Interested in Serving in Kenya – Chogoria?

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