Job: Where is God in My Suffering?


Marc Davis guides readers to understand the message of Job more fully, helping them reflect on Job’s suffering and their own in relationship to the suffering of Jesus.

The book of Job is an agonizing journey through the suffering of a godly man. We listen to his heart-wrenching thoughts and prayers and feel his confusion. Each person inevitably reads this story out of their own experience with suffering and disappointment. What is God up to? Why is this happening? Does he even care how we hurt?

Job: Where is God in My Suffering? creates space for prayers, reflections, and conversations in which Job’s story, your story, and Jesus’s story all come together. All who suffer (and that’s everyone!) will find greater meaning and significance in their own experience as they encounter the God who sent his perfect Son to suffer for us.

This small group guide with leader’s notes includes eight in-depth lessons that include discussion questions, a short article to read, and a practical application section that can be used for one-to-one discipleship, small group, or large group settings.


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