Acts: The Power that Changes the World


In his study of Acts, Howard Brown shows how the power that God unleashed at Pentecost is still at work in God’s people today, changing people and the world from the inside out.

The book of Acts traces the birth of the early church from its small, inauspicious beginnings to Paul’s arrival in Rome. As Jesus predicted, the kingdom of God started small, but the power of God is still transforming and changing broken people and places. Jesus is still with us, still at work, writing a new history that moves the lives of people in every place to bring heaven to earth until that last great day when he returns.

Through a study of the story of the early church, Acts: The Power that Changes the World will encourage, challenge, and empower readers to live out God’s story in their lives and in their world.

This small group guide with leader’s notes includes eight in-depth lessons that include discussion questions, a short article to read, and a practical application section that can be used for one-to-one discipleship, small group, or large group settings.


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