Serge Intern Asks: God’s Love Transcends Race/Class, Shouldn’t Mine?

By R.J. March on September 25, 2015

I recently took some time to interview Serge summer intern Jacob Webb. We talked about music (Jacob is a music reviewer for AIA Seattle) and his experience in Ireland with Serge.

Each year Serge sends out people like Jacob to be part of God’s work around the world. The early decision application in October and regular decision in January. If you or someone you know would like to apply for a Serge Internship, don’t delay! You won’t regret it!

Why did you sign up to intern with Serge?

About a year before graduating college, I knew I wanted to experience what it would be like to do full-time, cross-cultural mission work, and right after graduation was the only time I’d be able to carve out a few months to do that. I learned about Serge through the recommendation of a friend, and after a few chats with a Serge mobilization staff person, it was clear to me that the Ireland internship was exactly what I’d been hoping for.

What were you doing this past summer?

I spent the first few weeks of the summer doing a lot of personal reflection, both on my own time and through the Sonship program. Reflecting on what God had done in my life up to that point – and why He still mattered to me – was crucial in preparing myself to go out boldly on the four weeks of church/community service that followed. For the first round of “outreach teams,” myself and four other interns were paired with a small church plant in the rural town of Gorey, Ireland, where we ran a softball camp for the local youth, engaged the town in door-to-door and street evangelism, and took care of most of the church’s events (i.e. Sunday service, Bible studies) for that period of time. For the second round, myself and three other interns worked with Solas Project, a non-profit that focuses on rejuvenating communities by working with youth in inner-city Dublin.

What did you expect going into your internship? How were you surprised?

I didn’t have any expectations going into my internship, but by the end of the first two weeks, I knew that it had already surpassed anything I could have ever expected beforehand. There were plenty of things that surprised me, but ultimately, I think what surprised me the most is how God showed me that He and His Church are alive in Ireland. It’s not that I didn’t think the Irish church was active and growing, but seeing it firsthand was so unexpectedly invigorating and joyful.

How has your understanding of the “good news” of Jesus Christ changed? What does “grace” mean now? 

Now, more than ever, I realize that Jesus came to show love to everyone, especially those who haven’t experienced much in their lives. Just like grace is freely given to us, my internship showed me that we’re called to compassionately and relentlessly love others. God’s love transcends culture, gender, race, class, and any other demographic factor, so why shouldn’t ours?

What is one way your life is different as you return home?

The work I did with the various outreach teams taught me how I could actively share the gospel in cities and communities where there isn’t much light. The Church needs all of the same things in Ireland that it needs in America – community, encouragement, people willing to serve – and being able to be part of that in Ireland undoubtedly showed me how I can engage my home community in ways I’d never thought of before.



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R.J. March

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R.J. studied Philosophy at Furman University and focused his research on the ethics of globalization and minority perspective. He has integrated this research with service on Serge teams in Ireland, London, and Southeast Asia. R.J. is interested in how technology shapes community and has worked as the Digital Media Specialist for Serge and the Director of Communication for Global Counseling Network. You can find his other (digital) handiwork at R.J. holds an M.Div. from Covenant Seminary. R.J. and his wife Carolyn and their two children reside in Seattle where R.J. is the Assistant Pastor of All Souls Church of Seattle.