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God is a Missionary: The Story of Fariah

From the Field

God is a Missionary: The Story of Fariah

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God’s plan is to rescue a run-away planet by bringing the lost out of darkness into His marvelous light. His plan includes cooperation and our prayers matter.

How does this work in a practical way?

Let me tell you the story of Fariah.

I live in a place where people from all over the world come to live. They bring their culture and religion with them. We pray that God will work in the hearts of these people, and in this diverse community we often pray for their dreams.

Fariah was brought up in a strict home where she was faithful in attending religious services and praying. Four years ago she was invited by a friend to attend a worship service in a Christian church. She was moved by the worship and felt truly loved. The simple worship so affected her that she couldn’t stop crying. She had been praying five times a day and had never felt this way.

Someone sitting behind her saw her crying and when the invitation to come forward was given the lady said, “Come, I will go with you.” She went, but when they handed her a leaflet to fill out she became angry and said, “You are trying to convert me.”

She returned home and began to pray harder, but this did not bring her peace. She decided to return to the church, but only for the worship.

This went on for two years. During this time she had a dream that made her afraid. She felt lifted out of her bed and shaken from side to side. In her dream she called out, but no one came to her aid. She started to seek out help from Tarot cards and actually felt an evil presence enter her. Now she was really afraid.

She went to the pastor of the church where she enjoyed the worship and told him her story. He prayed and her peace returned.

After that, she started going to the church but was now really searching for the truth.

She picked up a leaflet at another church about a meeting of believers and went to it. This is where she met a Serge missionary.

Later, the two of us met her for coffee and she shared this dream: She was in a room with a lot of people, and the room was rapidly filling with mud. She felt someone lift her out of the mud and she knew it was Jesus. We shared the gospel with her and stood amazed at how many people had helped her along this journey.

She continued to slip in and out of contact, but finally, about two months ago she called in distress and asked if she could begin meeting with me to study the Bible.

A colleague advised me to give her solid teaching on the Holy Spirit. We also study the person of Jesus. We have a really delightful time together every Thursday morning for about two hours, and she often teaches me about her humility and repentance.

I tell you this story because it is an illustration of the Spirit wooing her, longing for her – through many providential circumstances, a community of believers involved in her life, and even her own dreams.

Simple gestures such as praying, going out for tea, talking on the phone, having dinner, serious discussions, and answering honest questions are all happening, I am convinced because an army of people is praying. God continues to work through our weakness, your prayers, and the Spirit supporting, longing for and sustaining… all of us.


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