Easter Promise for the Silent Saturdays


Easter Promise for the Silent Saturdays

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The day between Christ’s death and resurrection was a silent day for His friends and disciples—a silent Saturday when their friend and teacher Jesus was dead and gone.

In that silence, fear grows.

The promises and hopes Jesus brought feel distant and dim.

Doubt and despair extend their first dark shoots into a heart.

I wish I could say that I have never had a single “Silent Saturday,” but the truth is more sober and somber.

From time to time, I find myself standing alone or speaking to myself or the ceiling rather than meeting with Him. And I realize that the sense of His presence and ever-present help evaporated somewhere in the tangle of recent days and weeks. I am left with the uncomfortable silence of Christ.

The Promise of Easter

Sunday resurrection ends the silence and begins a re-believing—a few new steps of hope and faith.

Luke says that when the women saw the empty tomb, “Then they remembered His words.” They ran to the disciples who found that their report “seemed like nonsense.” And often I find myself a good disciple. The words of promise first sound like nonsense to me.

I struggle to believe that I can know His presence and love and help again after the silence.

But that is the once-for-all and daily promise of Easter.

When I take hold of Christ and His promise in simple faith, the silence of God breaks and my heart warms again as I know His love and friendship.

I remember again that these things are only cured by His death. My sin, separation, and solitude needed His death, the silence, and return to life so that their selfish power could be broken and broken and broken.

Silent Saturdays

My silent Saturdays don’t end with my words, promises, or hard work.

Those silent times end when I trust Him and His promise of life, forgiveness, and love.

That is when I find afresh that He is with me. I turn away from myself and my own solitary solutions and toward meeting Him in His promise for new life.

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Josiah Bancroft

Josiah Bancroft

Josiah serves as as Senior Advisor at Serge. As a pastor, a church planter, and a missionary, Josiah has a heart to see God’s grace and power work in new ways in the church and throughout the world. A graduate of Covenant College and Reformed Theological Seminary, Josiah planted three churches in the U.S. before he and his wife Barbara joined Serge with their three children in 1992.