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4 Ways You Can Serve with Serge in Business

From the Field

4 Ways You Can Serve with Serge in Business

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The Serge B4T model has 4 main roles. Where do you see yourself?  

1. B4T Business Starter

2. B4T Business Builder

3. Business Advisor

4. Traveling Expert

How we Equip and Sustain B4T Business Starters

Serge has an experienced team in place to vet your business plan and 30+ years of experience in careful cross-cultural training.

We place a high value on our workers’ well-being. Security is paramount, but so is your maturity in Christ. Renewal in Christ is at the heart of everything we do and our experienced mentors will teach you to daily receive the grace of God which you need just as much as those you hope to serve.

Our Business for Transformation (B4T) program is designed to equip you for sustained business endeavors.

B4T Business Builders and Team Work

Serge prioritizes sending workers as teams.

Teams provide workers with a supportive social life, shared prayer and worship, and the shared strength of working cross-culturally together. Whether members of a team are focused on a single business or engaged in multiple ventures, we seek to create teams with a shared vision so that each individual’s work is strengthened by others’ gifts and efforts. 

What’s a Serge B4T Business Advisor?

Serge Business Advisors are people who have extensive business skills who are not able to commit to long travel times or move overseas, yet can provide consistent long-distance advisement as a business gets going and grows.

What’s a Serge B4T Traveling Expert?

Our B4T Traveling Experts have extensive business skills and are able and willing to meet with Serge B4T workers on location.

They are set-up experts who arrive for a few weeks or months when a business is getting off the ground. They also provide relief fill-in when a critical team member needs to be away for home mission assignment, emergencies, etc.

You can begin a conversation with Serge about any of these roles today: Serge.org/go.

Serge Businesses:

  • Offer actual goods and services to meet market demand
  • Are led by people who are engaged with and committed to the local church
  • Exist in secure, semi-secure, and open access (to Christian missionaries) countries
  • Strive to be locally profitable and to do good in the local community
  • Generate profits that are reinvested in the business and community

Read stories about a “Freedom Bakery” in Southeast Asia where women in the sex trade are finding a way out. Or learn about a thrift store chain in London that has become a creative way to start new church plants. All this and more at: Serge.org/b4t.


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