What We Mean by 'Grace at the Fray'

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Serge is an international missions organization that sees God weaving together the frayed edges of our tattered world with His goodness, creating something beautiful.

At Serge, we believe we need the gospel as much as anyone else. It was while doing cross-cultural, team-oriented ministry that we discovered how challenging it is to be grounded in a biblical identity as sons and daughters of God—so, we began to develop discipling resources to preach the gospel to ourselves –  so that we could go into the broken places of our world to reach souls, renew hearts and restore communities.

Today, our work consists of sending and caring for missionaries, mentoring and discipling ministry leaders around the world, and developing gospel-centered resources — such as Sonship and The Gospel-Centered Life — for on-going gospel renewal.


Our Values

Centrality of the gospel
Because the gospel is the good news about all that Jesus is and all that Jesus has done, it applies to our entire life, not just our conversion. We never outgrow our need for Jesus, and therefore, we never outgrow our need for the message of grace that is presented in the gospel. Because the gospel assures us that we are God’s beloved children, united to Christ, it motivates and sustains us to wholeheartedly pursue a life of mission.


Ministry from weakness
Our unavoidable weaknesses as fallen people do not hinder God’s power to work in us and through us as we pursue our ministry calling. In fact, God’s power is actually manifested and perfected through our weaknesses. Therefore, while striving for excellence, we will not hesitate to confess our shortcomings. It is God’s all-surpassing power—not our effort—that accomplishes His purposes. We want to live overt lifestyles of repentance and faith, depending entirely on Christ to serve and love others, so that they too will be molded and shaped by grace in all they do.


Prayer for the Kingdom
Mission relies on prayer that asks for the Kingdom to come and God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. When that prayer is fully answered, the work of mission will be complete. Therefore, we are committed to spending regular, extended times in prayer for the gospel to reach and transform every person. Our desire is that prayerful dependence will characterize every aspect of our mission work, in a way that involves all of our workers and ministry partners.


Love for people
It can be all too easy to let methods, curriculum, programs, and structure replace our love for others. Though we want to do well in these areas, God calls us to be transformed by grace so we can truly love people and not just educate, manage, or treat them. Therefore, we focus on meeting people’s needs, lovingly and holistically, even as we pursue their deepest need: reconciliation with God. This includes our workers, our supporters, our partners, and those we are seeking to reach, renew, and restore.


Serge is a cross denominational, mission sending agency rooted in the Reformed tradition of Christianity. All of our workers personally embrace the essentials of Reformed theology in order to serve with us. In an effort to reflect the broadness of the Reformed family of churches, Serge workers have the option of affirming either the Westminster Confession of Faith OR the Serge Statement of Faith (adapted from both B.B. Warfield’s A Brief Statement of the Reformed Faith and the Westminster Confession of Faith). Any exceptions taken to the chosen statement of faith must be clearly stated in the application process.

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Our Name Change


While our previous name World Harvest Mission served us well over the years, it didn’t adequately represent the fullness of who we are. In addition, staff members often had to clear up people’s misconceptions about the name (explaining that we don’t only do agricultural programs, for example). It was also very similar to other organizations and had negative connotations with nonbelievers and younger Christians.

Finally, the name didn’t capture the fullness of the work. We send out missionaries, but we’re also passionate about training, mentoring, and producing resources to support these efforts.

With Serge being a bit more abstract, we have the ability to define what it means for people. It’s a conversation starter and is more inviting to those we most want to serve.

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