A Bird, a Girl, and a Rescue

AUTHOR: J. A. Myhre Categories: ,


A Bird, A Girl, and a Rescue is the second book in The Rwendigo Tales, a fictional series by Serge medical missionary, Dr. Jennifer Myhre. Join eleven-year-old Kiisa on the adventure of a lifetime—a dangerous rescue mission that includes rebels, stolen girls, illegal logging, a hungry cobra, and more messengers who help in unexpected ways. Kiisa sets out to rescue others but finds herself rescued from fear and bitterness as she learns that bravery is nothing more (or less) than being in the right place at the right time and taking action despite her fears. A Bird, a Girl, and a Rescue creatively and convincingly explores universal themes such as family, forgiveness, bullying, and courage by blending magical realism and compelling storytelling. This page-turning story is an adventure that children, young adults, and even full-grown adults will not be able to put down.

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