Bringing  God’s Grace

to the Frayed World

We are a grace-based, international missions organization bringing together mission and spiritual renewal.

At Serge, we realize we need the grace of the gospel in our own lives, even as we take the message of God’s grace to others.  Our work consists of helping people experience on-going gospel transformation and equipping them to move outward into mission.

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Sending and caring for over 300 Missionaries in over 25 countries around the globe.

All over the world, Serge missionaries are pointing people to Jesus. We have opportunities for internships, apprenticeships, career missions, and short-term teams. Whatever your unique gifts are, there’s a place for you.


Equipping missionaries, ministry leaders, and all believers with on-going spiritual renewal.

Making disciples who know and experience the love of God every day is at the core of who we are. Our renewal team seeks to foster gospel renewal in ministry leaders, churches, and all believers around the world.

“God can take broken, ragged, fractured people and circumstances and make them whole.  That’s grace at the fray.”

– Bob, Serge Area Director
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