What’s Up? Elementary Curriculum

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Any parent or teacher knows that their young children are constantly surprising them with their capability to learn and understand concepts that may seem well beyond their grasp. And yet, when it comes to teaching our children about God, many people hesitate to go beyond simply telling Bible stories, leaving out the message and meaning of the gospel.

With What’s Up Elementary, seven to ten-year olds move beyond the basic plot of Bible stories and truly start to discover Jesus, the gospel, and how it impacts their lives every day. Through this interactive twelve-week curriculum, children will engage with the Bible in new ways through discussion questions, activities and fun crafts that connect students to the lesson. Easy-to-use for leaders and teachers with limited out-of-class preparation required, each lesson also includes teaching helps and visual aids to make the message more effective. The curriculum is also easily adaptable for different learning situations, including Vacation Bible School and other programs, and is suitable for children who have been involved in the church for years as well as those who have never heard God’s word before.

Through presenting Bible stories in ways that emphasize the glory of the gospel, children can learn how they fit into the gospel story and why they need God’s grace. As each lesson points children directly to Jesus, they will begin their lifelong journey of reading and understanding the Bible through the lens of the gospel and seeing the miraculous impact of Christ on their own lives.

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