Rwendigo Fund

Rwendigo Fund


As a missionary doctor and mother, Jennifer Myhre raised her four children in Central and East Africa. She wanted them to have stories that related to their “world,” so she wrote the Rwendigo Tales. Today the Rwendigo Tales are being published, one by one: first A Chameleon, a Boy, and a Quest and second A Bird, a Girl, and a Rescue. Jennifer gives half of all the royalties she earns through book sales to the Rwendigo Fund.

The Rwendigo Fund supports programs that Jennifer and her husband Scott have been closely affiliated with in Africa, such as Christ School Bundibugyo (student scholarships), nutrition programs, books or library initiatives. If you have enjoyed one or more of the Rwendigo Tales, consider making a gift to The Rwendigo Fund today. You’ll be able to directly serve kids like Mu and Kiisa, who will help their communities flourish in years to come.

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