Kibuye Feeding Program, Burundi

Kibuye Feeding Program, Burundi


When the Serge team began work in Burundi in 2013, patients admitted to Kibuye Hope Hospital only ate if their families had the means to provide food for them. In the poorest and hungriest nation (World Bank 2015, Global Hunger Index 2013), many patients went without the nutrition needed to sustain life and promote healing.

Today the in-patient feeding program promotes healing of hospitalized patients with two nutritious meals per day providing approximately 1,400 calories daily.

  • In-patient meals served per day (for patient and caregiver): 300
  • Cost per person: $0.50 per day
  • Total cost per month: $4,500

The outpatient feeding program began to address the challenge of chronic malnutrition which affects 60% of Burundian children under age 5 (UNICEF report 2013). Children are referred to the program from the nearby health centers or by the Serge Kibuye pediatrician.

  • Patients seen each Monday/Friday: 200
  • Cost per patient: $2 per week
  • Total cost per month: $1,800




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