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You’ve been changed by the gospel. And you want to share that transforming experience with others. Serge’s Discipler Training helps you grow in your ability to do just that.

Discipler Training brings together all of the best practices we’ve developed through more than 25 years of helping people learn to live out the gospel. It’s created to equip both formal church leaders and lay people to make disciples who make disciples—because it’s in and through these relationships that God fosters growth and extends His mission to redeem and restore the world.


What others are saying

We found the Discipler Training course equally applicable to formal discipling and informal times that happen over coffee or with a neighbor. It’s the kind of course that would benefit anyone who is willing to risk going deep with others to help them be more and more Jesus’ man or woman.

<p>Tom Gilliam, Serge Team Leader, Dublin, Ireland</p>

Tom Gilliam, Serge Team Leader, Dublin, Ireland

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How does it work?

Discipler Training takes place through distance learning in cohort groups over several months or through local on-site condensed teaching events.

How long does it take?

It depends on the training level you choose. The training tracks include a 1-3 hour class, a weekend event, and a 6-12 month program. However, we encourage you to be discipling others while you’re in the midst of training so you can immediately put into practice what you’re learning.

What is it for?

Ministry leaders, small group facilitators, church staff, pastors, elders, and any Christian who is shepherding others.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies depending on your training level: Introductory seminar (1-3 hour event): Cost based on distance and length of the seminar. Weekend events: $1500 + travel expenses (for two Serge trainers) for on-site group training with 5-8 sessions. Cohort intensives (6-12 month program): $40/hour of cohort learning via video conference ($1000 for the complete course).