Missionary Kid Teacher Assistant

The Serge Kenya – Chogoria team is seeking an educational vocational intern to serve from around August 2022 to May 2023.

As our team has grown, we now have 10 third-culture kids of various ages (4-13), grade levels, and needs. There are 3 moms currently dividing the task, but we are looking for an assistant to come alongside us in a supplementary role, helping out both with teaching, tutoring, and some administrative tasks.

Our team is comprised of 3 families, 1 couple, and 1 single who are all ministering at the PCEA Chogoria Mission Hospital in some form or capacity. We live on the hospital’s upper compound where we are a part of a larger community of colleagues and their families who regularly interact and do life with one another. We are a tight-knit community that enjoys the fellowship of Bible studies, game nights, goat roasts, and just doing life with one another.

The individual who comes to integrate into our community would do well if they had experience living in community and building relationships with people at various stages of life and particularly if they have experience living across cultures. We are in rural Kenya, which is much different than city life.

The intern can expect to be an active part of our homeschool co-op community, including:

  • Helping with PE
  • Teaching 1-2 supplementary subjects per semester (art, music, handicrafts, home ec, sports)
  • Be in charge of teaching 1 core elementary subject (math, science, language arts, etc)
  • Be available for tutoring/ extra help for students that need it
  • Meet regularly with co-op director for mentorship/feedback

We are looking for an individual who has experience working with kids, enjoys kid ministry, is interested in learning the nuances and challenges of Third Culture Kids, and who also is flexible, independent and self-motivated.

We would be willing to entertain the possibility of someone who is also interested in getting experience at the hospital (to pursue further professional goals in healthcare), but their primary focus would be children’s ministry.

Ideally, they would be at least 21 yrs old, have completed an undergraduate degree or certificate program, and have some form of cross-cultural experience in the past (short-term trip, etc). Bonus points if they were homeschooled themselves!


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