A Foretaste of the Kingdom

When Jesus announced the reversal of the Fall, the coming of the Kingdom, He did so by healing people in body, mind, and spirit. Likewise, as we bring the good news to the fray of the world, we seek to do the same, preaching the gospel and caring for people physically and spiritually.

One sign of the presence of the Kingdom is a concern for the most vulnerable: the poor, the disabled, the bereaved, the weak, and the sick. That is why Serge teams bring direct hands-on medical care in places where it is most needed, set up public health programs to prevent disease, and equip national health care workers to do the same. In every place we partner closely with the local church and value the discipleship of local health workers along with their professional development.

Serge’s Approach: Curative and Preventative

Medical Professionals: Doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and physical therapists work daily in places where professional care is sorely lacking. We partner with church and government health centers, often in collaboration with other mission agencies, to provide safe maternity and delivery care, treat vulnerable children, diagnose and comfort the sick, and restore vision to the blind. These types of hands-on care provide natural opportunities to pray with families in desperate times, and to clearly communicate God’s tangible love and presence in their lives.

Public Health: HIV prevention, health and hygiene education, and nutritional supplementation are examples of programs that address health problems at a root level. Our teams explore local beliefs and look for ways to come alongside communities in their desire for healthier lives. The difficulty of changing behavior opens the door to show how much all of us need the gospel.

How the Work Gets Done

We work in teams: Serge prioritizes sending workers as teams. Teams provide workers with a supportive social life, shared prayer and worship, and the shared strength of working cross-culturally together. Whether members of a team are focused on a single business or engaged in multiple ventures, we seek to create teams with shared vision so that each individual’s work is strengthened by others’ gifts and efforts.

All medical work is integrated: We believe that healing the sick is an inherently good act and affirms human life that is given by by God. We bring healing alongside a verbal, Christ-centered gospel proclamation so that needs are addressed wholistically. While the context determines how integration occurs, we always seek ways to integrate medical service in culturally appropriate ways.

We equip local people: Jesus cured disease and led people to healthier living, but He also passed on His ministry to His closest disciples. Serge teams teach medical students, student nurses, interns, and residents at all levels. We equip local people to care for their own communities, prayerfully passing on the skills and opportunities with which we have been blessed. These students will be the leaders – of both the medical community and the church – for generations to come.

We want your ministry to be sustainable: Serge medical staff serve in high-need communities. We recognize the temptation toward overwork and burnout, so we work to provide our staff with emotional, mental, and spiritual encouragement, guidance, and respite. We want our medical staff to first find an identity as a son or daughter of God and a healer second.