Community Development

Demonstrating the Good News

The mission of God’s people is to proclaim and actively demonstrate the good news that Jesus is making all things new. At Serge, we preach the gospel and put it into action by engaging with the physical, social, and ecological issues affecting the communities where we are called to serve. We identify the most pressing issues within a community and work alongside local church leaders and community members to provide a biblical, gospel-centered approach to community development.

Skill and economic development.

Water engineering.

Nutrition programs.

Building projects.

Preventing water-born disease through water engineering.

Development Linked to the Local Church

Building Communities for Christ: Community development is a tangible demonstration of God’s love. By strengthening communities alongside local community members, we bear witness to the Bible’s promise of wholistic redemption and we share the love of Christ through our actions.

In Partnership with the Local Church: Serge teams partner with local churches to advance community development projects. We use this opportunity to connect members of the local community with the church, growing the body of Christ. This partnership ties our work to the love of Jesus, and places Him – not us – in the role of provider and Savior.

Areas of work include:

  • Safe water projects;
  • Medical services and training;
  • Health programs for preventing disease;
  • Nutrition, health, and hygiene education;
  • Economic training;
  • Agricultural training;
  • Entrepreneurial training and business development.

How the Work Gets Done

We work in teams: Serge prioritizes sending workers as teams. Teams provide workers with a supportive social life, shared prayer and worship, and the shared strength of working cross-culturally together. Whether members of a team are focused on a single business or engaged in multiple ventures, we seek to create teams with shared vision so that each individual’s work is strengthened by others’ gifts and efforts.

Combination of word and deed: Acts of love, mercy, and justice make the gospel more compelling to nonbelievers. Through community development we demonstrate the truth of the gospel in deed and express the truth of the gospel in word. In doing so, we make the word of God more comprehensible and accessible to those we serve.

Listening to the local context: We begin by listening to members of local communities as they identify their most pressing physical needs. Over time, we build upon those projects and successes, identifying new areas for growth. These long-term projects and goals create meaningful results for local churches and communities.

Community development as training: Just as Christ passed on his ministry to his closest disciples, Serge teams pass on the knowledge and skills required for community growth to members of the local community. This is accomplished through formal and informal skills training. This paradigm allows for self-sustaining growth within each community.