Christ School Bundibugyo :: Soccer Program

Christ School Bundibugyo :: Soccer Program


In Uganda, the opportunity to play a sport competitively is a rare and special gift. At Christ School Bundibugyo (CSB), we count ourselves blessed to have the boys and girls soccer teams do just that. The CSB soccer program provides an opportunity for students to be a part of something that unifies, strengthens character, and empowers hope for their future.

During the season, players compete with other schools for the district, regional, and national titles, travel outside of the district (many for the very first time), and make new friends with players from all over the country.

These students set the tone for future CSB athletes and use their God-given abilities and talents to radically transform the way of thinking. CSB players know what a privilege it is to compete when they run onto the field, so they play their hearts out!  It’s an honor to see these youth invest in something that requires time, energy, consistency and yes — blood, sweat, and tears!

Your gifts to the CSB Soccer Program will be used to cover: tournament expenses (transport, lodging, food), gear (goalie gloves, cleats, pennies), equipment, and other needs for our players throughout the year.

Please consider praying for us and and partnering through your giving. Your partnership will help us share what beautiful possibilities with these students–despite the societal setbacks they face every day. We invite you to come alongside us in seeing the fruits of the students’ labors taking place on and off the soccer field.

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