Pastor / Assistant Pastor of International Church – Prague, Czech Republic

The Serge team in Prague is seeking a church-planting missionary to join our team in Prague for preaching, teaching, shepherding, evangelism, discipleship, and more.




  • Preach, teach, shepherd, evangelize, and disciple church members
  • Develop church staff
  • Manage leadership training

Requirements and Critical Qualities:

  • Seminary training with M. Div. or equivalent degree
  • A willingness to serve a church / seek ordination in the International Presbyterian Church denomination
  • A heart for pastoral ministry, preaching, and teaching
  • An ability to navigate different intercultural settings

About Serge

Serge is an international missions agency that believes we need the gospel as much as anyone we are trying to reach. We want to see the power of God’s grace transform your own life and motivate and sustain you to move into the lives of others.

We want your ministry to be sustainable – our dedicated Member Care Team comes alongside you personally and proactively – providing tangible support for your entire length of service.

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