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The Shepherd’s Bush Neighborhood of London

Shepherd’s Bush is a culturally and economically diverse urban area in west London. Shepherd’s Bush has pockets of prosperity, a significant amount of poverty, and loads of diversity. With people from Europe, East Asia, and the Caribbean, the ethnic makeup of Shepherd’s Bush is distinctly multicultural. While missionaries have historically gone to the ends of the earth with the gospel message, today the Lord has brought the nations to London.

Ministry Expressions

The Serge Shepherd’s Bush team is serving through New City International Presbyterian Church, a multicultural church in West London committed to seeing the people of Shepherd’s Bush reconciled both to each other and to their Creator God. Since 2011, the team has been present in the community, expressing the love and mercy of God through preaching, teaching, evangelism, and discipleship. The team also demonstrates God’s love through dinners for homeless people, film clubs for the elderly, and children’s camps.


The first Shepherd’s Bush team members moved into the community in 2011. Since then, a core group for a small church has formed. The regular church attenders come from a variety of cultures and the pastoral leadership team is now made up of an Anglo-American and an Asian-Brit. Through Kids Club, the church is building relationships with children and families in a local government housing establishment. The congregation also regularly holds “Open Church” which involves putting signs on the sidewalk and opening the door to a local historic church and inviting people in for hot drinks, conversation, and prayer.

Building the Team

The Serge team in Shepherd’s Bush seeks humble people in need of God’s grace who are ready to be immersed in an urban setting with great cultural diversity. Potential new members should be self-starters gifted in the areas of teaching, leadership, and friendship, willing to lay themselves down for God’s glory and the good of Shepherd’s Bush. There is a current need for a youth worker, worship leader, mercy coordinator, and evangelist.


  • For people and families in Shepherd’s Bush to come to know Jesus;
  • For Christians living within Shepherd’s Bush to grow in vision to shine the light of the gospel in their community;
  • For the youth of New City Church to mature in Christ;
  • For the gospel to spread to other nearby communities and even other nations through New City.


You can support the work in Shepherd’s Bush by supporting two long-term Serge missionary families serving in this community: the Hatches and the Gadsons.


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