Southeast Asia

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Southeast Asia

With a population of almost 642 million, Southeast Asia is culturally, ethnically and religiously diverse. In most regions, being a Christian is a lonely and challenging experience and being a pastor, who leads a congregation or plants churches in unreached areas of the country, is an even more difficult endeavor.

What we do in S.E. Asia

The primary mission of Serge Southeast Asia is to empower local pastors to plant churches that reach Southeast Asians.

Our team does this by encouraging local church leaders and their families through ministry support and grace-soaked mentoring. A key aspect in forming trusting, loving relationships, the team assists native pastors with their ministries while allowing these leaders to maintain control of their work.

We recognize that while we have the ability to share the gospel with the locals, we are hindered by a less-than-perfect understanding of the language and culture. Native church leaders, however, don’t have these hang-ups. If these leaders can be equipped to fully reach their communities with the gospel, the effects will be astounding.

Many believe Southeast Asia is on the cusp of a major awakening to the Christian faith. If we can influence native congregations by loving and empowering pastors, we can help prepare churches and Christians to participate in this gospel movement.

Building the Team

The team is looking for facilitative church planters and mentors for native church leaders. As part of a broader strategy, the team is hoping to build a local business that will provide value to the community and pastors through products, relationships, and employment opportunities.


  • That the hearts of Southeast Asians would be open to the gospel of Jesus Christ 
  • That pastors and church planters would be encouraged and empowered by the gospel so that their churches and communities would grow in the grace of the Lord
  • For strategic relationships with people who are ready for the ministry we offer and who will be able to bless others as a result

How you can get involved

You can join us through financial contributions to Serge’s Southeast Asia Leadership Fund. To give, click here and enter designation number 19470.

This fund serves strategic ministries that will develop relationships with local church planters and bring them gospel-centered mentorship.