South Sudan

long term

Mundri, South Sudan

South Sudan is the world’s youngest nation, achieving independence on July 9, 2011—a day celebrated with a sense of freedom and hope. Yet today South Sudan is being torn apart by internal conflict.

Ministry Expressions

Serge deployed a team in the town of Mundri for more than five years beginning in 2008. The team served in close partnership with the Episcopal Church of Sudan and South Sudan. Together they worked to reopen, rebuild, and teach at the Archbishop Ngalamu Theological College and trained students in Bible, theology, and community development.

The team also engaged in training school teachers, supported the work of local primary and secondary schools, provided health care, worked to increase access to safe drinking water, and fellowshipped and taught in local churches.

Current Status of the Team

Sadly, the insecurity and violence in South Sudan intensified in 2014 to the point where the Serge team had to evacuate. It is not possible to re-establish a team in Mundri until some level of stability returns to the country. Many of the friends of the Serge team have fled from Mundri town. Some have died from the fighting or the resulting lack of food and medical care. Insecurity on the roads limit the ability to send aid, but the team continues to look for opportunities to send relief and rehabilitation support.

In the meantime the team has not abandoned relationship with the church and community in Mundri or given up hope of deploying a team there in the future. Some activities continue through local church partners.

Building the Team

Inquiries are welcome from people considering joining a future team. While we don’t currently have an active team, it could be possible to assign you to another regional team in East Africa to gain experience and make occasional visits to South Sudan in hope of serving there full-time in the future. We envision a future need for: medical professionals, teachers/educators, and builders/engineers.


  • Join us in lamenting the deplorable atrocities and needless suffering;
  • Pray for peace and prosperity for this country that has suffered so much and has so much potential.


Recent fighting in Mundri has destroyed most of the town, including the market and an estimated 200 homes. There is an urgent need for food aid and funds to rebuild the town. To help towards this relief effort, please give to the Community Blessing Fund. Additionally, the Theological Training Fund assists students who attend a local theological college.