Nicaragua — Granada

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The City of Granada, Nicaragua

Granada is located an hour south of Managua on the shores of Lake Nicaragua and is described as the oldest continuously inhabited city in the western hemisphere. Although Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the hemishpere, the city of Granada itself enjoys considerable tourism, offering colonial architecture, a rich history and proximity to beaches and volcanoes with exotic natural scenery. The local community’s mixing of aboriginal religion, new age influences and Roman Catholicism presents opportunities for a fresh introduction of the saving grace of Christ.

Ministry Expressions

The Serge team working in Granada was birthed in 2006 and has embraced the community through a variety of programs tailored to the challenges and needs of life in this city in transition. The work includes a bi-lingual (English/Spanish) church, a recovery ministry for substance abuse, an outreach at a local dump, micro-enterprise (learn about the Jicaro Project), and partnership with the local Young Life ministry.

These ministries take place at El Puente (English translation: “the bridge”) mission base, located in the impoverished Santa Rosa neighborhood. The team is also partnering with the local community, of Pantanal (English translation: “the swamp”) to begin a Christian elementary and secondary school.


From small beginnings, the team has witnessed the birth of a local church consisting of up to 200 people on a given Sunday. The church includes local neighbors, Young Life kids, families from the dump, recovering addicts, and English speaking visitors.

Granada’s youth enjoy several Young Life clubs, joining the church community in leading young people to Christ and a life of purpose. Those struggling with addiction now have a venue to support each other and integrate with the church community. The newly opened Siembra de Vida school is engaging the Pantanal neighborhood for the education of its children and to support a variety of related ministries in the area.


Please pray for the Lord to provide a director for the new elementary school.