Japan — Urayasu

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The City of Urayasu, Japan

Urayasu, a bedroom community just outside of Tokyo, is best known as the home of Tokyo Disney Resort. While the overall population of Japan is aging, Urayasu is a vibrant city with many young families and well-educated professionals. Because a large portion of the city is built on reclaimed land, Urayasu’s history is still being written. People come to this city to start something new, resulting in a fluid culture that is more open to new ideas.


Ministry Expressions

The Serge team in Urayasu works in conjunction with a team from Mission to the World to support Shin-Urayasu Grace Church, a partnership between the Presbyterian Church in America and the Presbyterian Church in Japan. In addition to weekly worship services in Japanese, the church engages in evangelism and building ties with the community. Weekday craft and story time activities provide opportunities to share the gospel with children and their mothers.


For many years Serge has provided gospel resources in Japan, including workshops and conferences. Now, through Shin-Urayasu Grace Church, the Serge team is committed to a longer-term presence, discipling young believers and raising up new leaders who can lead Japan’s churches. Particularly since the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami of 2011, Japanese neighbors are asking questions about life’s purpose and meaning. The Serge team wants to bring people to Christ, sharing with them the joy of knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Building the Team

The Serge team in Urayasu seeks a teammate to serve in college ministry as well as a person who enjoys working with children. There is also a need for someone, perhaps a retired businessman, to engage the husbands and fathers of the community, sharing how faith informs work in the business world. Finally, there is a small school for missionary kids and Japanese Christian kids nearby, which often needs new teachers.


  • For encouragement when progress is slow and spiritual fruit takes a long time to appear;
  • For fellowship and comfort when the family and friends of team members are far away;
  • For Japanese church members, that they would grow in leading the ministry;
  • For the men, women, and children of Urayasu who are living under the weight of intense cultural pressures to perform and achieve, that they would experience the freedom that only Christ provides.


If you would like to support God’s work in Urayasu, you can donate to Jason and Ai Kueh’s account through their missionary support page. Churches can also send teams to support English camps or Vacation Bible School, particularly in the summer. There are also opportunities for church elders to lead workshops on pertinent issues facing any congregation, including marriage and family. Wondering How to Join the Team?