Guatemala – Guatemala City

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Guatemala City, Guatemala

Guatemala is a poor country that has endured 500 years of colonialism and missionary intervention. It is extensively churched but the church is unhealthy due to corruption and fear. Because of this, there is a great need for gospel renewal.

The capital, Guatemala City, is home to the largest landfill in all of Central America. Over 13,000 people live in the neighborhood nearby, depending on the dump for scraps of food, discarded clothing and pieces of trash to sell to recyclers. This community is profoundly overpopulated and under-resourced.

What we do in Guatemala City

We desire to see the holistic health (spiritual, physical, relational) of Guatemala City’s churches and local communities transformed by the power of the Gospel.

The Serge Guatemala team supports the Guatemalan church by equipping and supporting ministry leaders through training and psychotherapy.

Our team is also committed to serving the neighborhood surrounding the city garbage dump by providing a variety of primary and preventive healthcare.

We aim to learn from and serve those who are on the margins of society. We hope to see health markers improve in the landfill community but we also place a high value on individual patient interaction, sharing Jesus and providing care that directly improves lives.

Building the Team

We are looking for anyone in the following categories: other healthcare providers, social workers, pastors, people with business or entrepreneurship background, and educators.

How you can pray

  • For fruitfulness in our work, for the health and flourishing of the church in Guatemala
  • For  the Guatemalan leaders we work under to be successful in their ministries and full of the peace and freedom that Jesus brings
  • For political stability and a decrease in the violence and corruption that is so normal here
  • For our team: for our families to thrive and for us to model sacrificial love for one another