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Working in the Capital of Burundi

Bujumbura is the capital of Burundi, a small country in East Africa that ranks as the third poorest nation in the world.

A city with a population of half a million, Bujumbura sits on the northeastern shore of Lake Tanganyika.

In addition to serving as the business center of Burundi, the city also attracts young people from around the country for education and other opportunities.

Ministry Expressions

University education—and Christian university education in particular—is critical to advance the wellbeing of all Burundian citizens.

The Serge team in Bujumbura partners with Hope Africa University to educate and disciple the next generation of leaders and professionals for Burundi and the region, integrating Christian values with university and professional education.

Hope Africa University serves many students who are excluded by other universities and offers scholarships to those in particular need.


Since the Serge Bujumbura team arrived in 2014, team members have joined the national university staff in making tremendous improvements in the function of the medicine department at the university.  This has come despite economic and political changes that have reduced enrollment the other departments of the university.

Dr. Randy Bond, the Serge Bujumbura team leader, has become the medicine department chair.

More courses are now regularly offered, the quality of courses and student performance is rising and student satisfaction is improving.

The team has also adopted a significant role around hosting visitors and members of the Serge Kibuye team who need to be in the capital city regularly.

Building the Team

The Serge Bujumbura team seeks individuals who are able to teach at a university level. Opportunities abound in nearly every field.

Current priority areas for instruction are health sciences, engineering, and business.

In coming years, the university plans to offer Ph.D. programs. The on-boarding of Ph.D.-level professors is critical.

We also need instructors in English as a second language and those who can offer professional services including nurses, programmers, and administrative support.


  • For more teammates;
  • For wisdom in deciding which of the many overwhelming needs should command priorities;
  • For building and maintaining relationships with our African peers;
  • For growth in all areas of our team members’ lives—that we would not allow the overwhelming needs at the university to undermine time for marriages, family, personal spiritual life, team life, health/fitness, and continued language learning.


Classroom resources are at a minimum at Hope Africa University. Through the Hope Africa University Medical School Fund you can provide technological assistance such as cameras and projectors and well as materials for classes like “Helping Babies Breathe” and “Helping Mothers Survive.”

Additionally, The Bujumbura Team Account provides funding for recruiting and hosting potential teammates, hosting short-term medical visitors, and caring for guests from our sister team in Kibuye, Burundi.


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