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UK – East London

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UK –East London

Home to more than 1.5 million residents, East London is the fastest growing part of the city.

The long-time home of the working classes, East London is also home to a richer-than-average variety of global/immigrant cultures, artist collectives, and minority subcultures – as well as some of the poorest and most deprived neighborhoods in the U.K.

Many of those in East London’s kaleidoscopic subcultures and traditional blue-collar neighborhoods are generations removed from church participation, putting them at the forefront of post-Christianity in the Western world.

What We Do in East London

The Serge team in East London seeks to spur a movement of new churches consisting of and committed to the alternative, marginalized, and urban poor populations in this part of the city.

Through evangelism and discipleship, the team is establishing countercultural groups of Jesus-followers who are committed to building God’s kingdom, working for justice, and blessing the city.

The East London Alternative Team offers windows to the gospel for our post-Christian neighbors through the ways that we care for our community and seek to spread the love and peace of Christ to those who do not yet know Him.

We do this through supporting social activism, urban food growing, and grassroots community organizing in our neighborhood.

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Missions Opportunities in East London

The Serge team in East London seeks individuals who feel called to build community centered around Christ among the many cultures and economic realities of East London. We are looking for people who have gifts in evangelism, discipleship, community building, church planting, and administration.

We are also looking for people who have a creative trade and a willingness to experiment with us, including tattoo artists, brewers, hairdressers, carpenters, plumbers, and urban farmers.

Here are the ways you can join our team:


Intensive 18-24 month training and ministry endeavors for those discerning a call to missions

Career Missions

2-5 year terms of service in a cross-cultural context

How You Can Pray

  • For guidance, that God would lead our team, teaching us to have grace, patience, courage, and love for our community
  • For opportunities to share the gospel with our post-Christian neighbors in words and ways that make sense to them and move their hearts
  • For many disciples to be raised up in East London who have a passion for reaching the marginalized and serving the vulnerable
  • That God would lead those who do not yet know him to build the kingdom of God in London

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