Located in southern Spain, Málaga is one of the oldest cities in Europe.

Like most of Europe, long acquainted with religious strife, modern Málaga is deeply secular. While most are culturally acquainted with Catholicism, less than 4% of Spaniards consider themselves religious.

The Serge team in Málaga is working to bring gospel renewal to church leaders and their communities.

Types of Work

  • Church Planting and Pastoral Ministry

    What We Do in Spain – Málaga

    Through one-on-one discipling, conferences, retreats, leadership development, and coaching for facilitating church planting, and Sunday worship services, The Serge Málaga team is helping local church leaders be renewed and empowered by the gospel.

    Every summer, the Serge Málaga team hosts an English camp for children. This is a practical act of service for the community that is well received by the church. The camp capacity grows each year, as does the reputation of the church within the community.

    “(Parents) ask us, “Why are you doing this kind of service for free?” And I think this allows us to have good conversations with them, that we’re doing it for free because we believe in a God that has given us so much, and a lot of love. We want to give this same kind of love we receive from God to them.”
    -Guille, Serge Missionary Team Leader in Málaga, Spain

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    Missions Opportunities Spain – Málaga

    The Serge team in Southern Spain has an immediate need for Apprenticeship Staff.

    Additionally, the team seeks church planters, disciplers, gifted English teachers (for children and adults), and an English camp director.

    Here are the ways you can join our team:

    How You Can Pray

    • For new teammates
    •  For solid connections with pastors and leaders
    •  For encouragement in the gospel for the believers in Málaga
    •  For new gospel-centered church plants in all of Andalusia
    •  For new supporters, individuals and/or churches that can join the work of Serge Málaga

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    • Spain Renewal Conference Scholarships

      Spain Renewal Conference Scholarships Serge’s Spain team is conducting a Grace Renewal Weekend for ministry workers. Gifts to this project will be used to provide scholarships ($155 each) for ministry...

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