Kindergarten Missionary Kid Teacher


This role is a year-long opportunity to teach Kindergarten to missionary kids and serve a missionary team in a vital way that makes a massive impact on the academic, personal, and spiritual development of third-culture children.

As a missionary kid teacher, you should have a love for young children, high energy, and the ability to work full school days (morning and mid-afternoon), with the occasional field trip or late afternoon tutoring session. For 10 months (with winter break and free weekends), you will be an integral part of the team community.

Housing will be provided in the Kijabe Mission Hospital compounds, where the rest of the mission team lives.  The role is funded 100% through personal support raising, and all money from the intern’s support account will go towards housing, a daily stipend for food and spending money, and any educational ministry costs.


The Kijabe mission team is a group of families focused on sharing the love and Gospel of God with the people of Kenya. Most of us are doctors associated with working, training, and education at Kijabe Hospital.

Some of us are dorm parents, working on RVA campus to care for boarding students, and others of us participate in different ministries in the community to support and love missionaries and the people of Kijabe.

Because the team is not located in an urban space, you would need to be able to lean into this challenge and be able to live vulnerably and from a place of ministering from weakness as well as extending grace when faced with the limitations and flaws of others.

Support Raising:
This internship is a per diem-based volunteer position. Serge’s Internship Coordinator will guide you step-by-step through the entire support-raising process – with weekly calls for check-ins and prayer. We know it can be daunting, but we also believe there’s no better way that the Lord prepares us for the field.

You can expect challenges and growth in this journey but can also expect a dedicated mentor along the way. You will never be walking it alone.


  • Working in the kindergarten classroom from 8-12:00; 4 hours a day of hands-on lessons; roughly 20 hours per week of “classroom time”
  • Will assist in teaching core subjects such as P.E., math, spelling/grammar/reading, writing, science, and Bible
  • Must be willing to assist in child’s other social learning as determined by parents (not responsible for the curriculum)
  • Will chaperone trips to RVA (missionary kid school) for weekly library book trips, potential “sports” time, etc…
  • Will join/lead occasional “class field trips” to various locations (transportation provided) such as Brown’s Cheese Farm tour, Crescent Island bird watching day, nature walks, etc
  • Being available for tutoring/extra support for additional students on the compound (up to 4 children at a time)
  • Attend weekly admin meetings for planning and activity prep

Requirements and Qualities:

  • Must be a Christian with an active walk with the Lord and the desire to grow in their understanding of the Gospel at work in their life.
  • Someone interested in learning the nuances and challenges of Third Culture Kids’ lived experiences and who has experience working with kids.
  • Someone flexible, independent and self-motivated, and willing to include siblings on local outings/fields trips
  • Potentially (*not required) someone also interested in gaining medical experience in the hospital (to pursue further professional goals in healthcare), but accepting of the fact that their primary focus would be education/kid ministry.
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