Business for Transformation Development Manager, London

Serge’s team in Southall, London, UK is looking for a Business for Transformation Development Manager. If you are interested, please fill out a Go Form. If you know someone who is interested, please send them our way (go@serge.org)!

Position Title:​ Business for Transformation (B4T) Development Manager

Location: ​Southall, London, UK

FT/PT: ​Full­Time

Length of Service: ​Long­ term (4 years)


  • Creating and sustaining “kingdom businesses” which embody the justice of God by providing beneficial goods or services, fair employment, and charitable profits
  • Training and coaching immigrants to create and sustain “kingdom businesses”

Requirements and Critical Qualities:

The candidate for this position must be an experienced business professional with abilities to start small businesses within an immigrant community and to train immigrants to start their own businesses. Requirements for this position include business expertise including but not limited to: small business management, managerial accounting, marketing, and sales. In addition, the ideal candidate would be able to train and coach others, particularly immigrants, to develop their own businesses.

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If you know someone who is interested, please send them our way!

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