Artist/Craftsman/Maker – East London

Serge’s team in East London, UK (in the Walthamstow neighborhood) is looking for a teammate who is an artist, craftsman, or maker. If you are interested, please fill out a Go Form.  If you know someone who is interested, please send them our way (go@serge.org)!

Position Title: Artist/Craftsman/Maker

Location: East London, UK

FT/PT: Full-time

Length of Service: short-term or apprentice (1-2 years) or long-term (4 years)


  • Use your creative trade skills to participate in an entrepreneurial, arts-driven community.
  • Spend time in local art studios or co-working spaces to create and build relationships.
  • Network with other local artisans, craftsmen, hobbyists, and makers in a diverse, rapidly growing, and changing neighborhood. Engage with the local borough council to nurture these connections.

Requirements and Critical Qualities:

  • Willingness to work on a small (but growing) team in a post-Christian European context
  • Flexibility and a self-starter mentality; entrepreneurial streaks are encouraged!
  • A heart for church planting and discipleship of those “on the fringes”
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If you know someone who is interested, please send them our way!

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