Kenya, Nairobi


The Serge Nairobi team is unique in that members are involved in different ministries with the same ultimate goal. These different ministries include:

  • Working with young people to provide skill development, employment, and discipleship through Equip, a community development organization, and Ambassadors Football Kenya, a football ministry,
  • Engaging unreached communities to share the love of Jesus through a medical clinic, football ministry, and evangelism through a local church,
  • Training local pastors and leaders in chronological bible storying,
  • Pastoring a church that serves the local community.

For summer 2018, the team seeks Interns to work with the Ambassadors Football (soccer) ministry. A background in soccer is preferred.

Kenya Interns will:

  • Learn how to utilize soccer as a ministry tool,
  • Work alongside Kenyans, coaching, learning, playing, and fellowshipping,
  • Learn how to utilize chronological Bible storying as a means of evangelism,
  • Study cross-culturally living and specifically Kenyan culture,
  • Get to know and worship with the body of Christ in another culture,
  • Spend time with nationals through visiting, working and ministering alongside,
  • Acquire critical words in a new language,
  • Spend time with missionaries, getting to know their families and daily lives,
  • Be mentored using Serge’s Sonship materials,
  • Engage in local churches,
  • Visit a national park and other great local sights.

Where, When, Who, How Much

  • Nairobi, Kenya
  • June 4 – August 6
  • 19+ years old
  • approximately $4,900

Application Deadlines

  • Applications for summer 2018 internships are being accepted on a case-by-case basis.

For more information, please contact Danielle Martinelli via email at