Christ School Assistant Director of Development – Bundibugyo, Uganda

Christ School Bundibugyo was established by our mission team in 1999 as a center of academic excellence in a district that lagged behind the rest of Uganda, with a vision to produce servant-leaders for the good of Bundibugyo and the glory of God.

In the two decades since, we have struggled to grow and solidify and improve the school, and it has become the primary long-term gospel impact of our team in Bundibugyo. We board about 300 students in six grade levels, teaching the full Ugandan high school/junior college curriculum with a heavy emphasis on discipleship.

While the school staff is completely Ugandan, we have two missionaries serving as “Director of Development” (mentoring the administration and staff on improving teaching methods and holding to the vision and mission of the school) and “Spiritual Life Director” (guiding the staff through chapel and cell group discipleship of students.)

We are seeking an Assistant Director of Development to supplement the work and presence of these two missionaries, and to invest in the staff.


  • On-campus presence 5-6 days per week in school terms
  • Responsible for projects as assigned by the Director for continuing education of teachers
  • Assist in the communication with donors/fundraising (all students pay some fees, but we subsidize through charitable donations).
  • The opportunity to go deeper in an area of interest – the arts, sports, or other extracurricular with students
  • The opportunity to increase your responsibility level over the term

This is a 5-year position, but we would consider a 2-year option for a strong candidate.



Requirements and Critical Qualities:

  • A degree in education preferred
  • 2+ years of teaching experience at the middle or secondary school level
  • School administration experience would be beneficial
  • Passion for adolescents living in poverty to embrace the Gospel and change their world

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