You Have Given Healing and Hope…Thank You!


You Have Given Healing and Hope…Thank You!

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Last month, we asked for your help to send more medical missionaries to the field. To save lives in places where there just aren’t enough doctors. And to share the love of Jesus with people who are desperate for hope.

And we’ve been overwhelmed by your generous response!

Every gift you gave was matched – totaling over $76,000. Thank you!

Now, with your caring support, doctors, surgeons, and much needed specialists will save more lives now and in the future.

So we wanted you to hear from a Serge medical missionary, in their own words, the impact you have when you support medical missions….

“We saw almost 500 kids in our outpatient malnutrition program last year.” writes Dr. Alyssa Pfister. “Many of the mothers walk with their kids several hours twice a week just to get a bowl of porridge and a boiled egg.

When the new medical students met the program participants, they were amazed at how knowledgeable the mothers were about nutrition, how committed they were to learning how to care for their children, and how thankful they were for the program here.

This is where I see hope for Burundi when I’m tempted to despair from reading statistics — in the medical students’ faces when they see how this program is impacting the community, in the mothers who sacrifice for the health of their children, and in the 11 toddlers receiving the first chemotherapy in Burundi.

Because of you, lives are being transformed, all in the name of Jesus. 

Because of you…

  • Children with retinoblastoma (eye cancer), a disease that’s nearly 100% curable in the US and 100% fatal in Burundi, are receiving life-saving chemotherapy thanks to Krista Fader, RN and Stephanie Sund, RN, who are helping to pioneer Burundi’s first oncology service.

  • Medical students are being mentored by Dr. Eric McLaughlin, Dr. Logan Banks and many others, who lead weekly Bible studies and teach a Christian Philosophy of medicine course.
  • Nurses in Kenya are providing selfless, holistic care for high risk families with high-risk babies, providing shoes, food and clothing when they have nothing.

  • The blind are seeing with cataract surgery with the help of Dr. John Cropsey (Ophthalmology).
  • Surgeries in Kenya are being performed more safely with the skill and oversight of Dr. Roger Barnette (Anesthesiology).

  • And 2 new surgeons are headed to Burundi with their families to help expand and continue this important work.

Thank you for helping us evaluate and equip more medical missionaries for the field. You’re giving hope to some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

We look forward to sharing more news with you from medical missions in the future!  


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