The Kingdom of Forgiveness


The Kingdom of Forgiveness

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When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic,

“Take heart, my son; your sins are forgiven.”  

-Matthew 9:2


To the paralyzed man, why doesn’t Jesus say first, “Take up your mat and walk”?

It’s because forgiveness of sins is the biggest thing that Jesus ever does for anyone.

Jesus does see sickness and death as enemies, but he knows that the reason they are in the world is because there is sin. So, when he comes to earth and begins to conquer sickness and death, he announces that his kingdom is one of forgiveness.

He introduces us to a kingdom of love, and he’s inviting you to personalize the passage.

You may not want to look at yourself or face the truth, but Jesus knows you through and through. He loves you, and he invites you to believe in him, to receive him, and to believe in the forgiveness of your sins.

Never again look at your sins apart from Christ. You can’t handle them. You’ll either suppress them and deny that they’re there, or if you see how bad they are, they will overwhelm you.

Learn to view your mistakes, your failings, and your transgressions in the light of Jesus’s forgiveness.



This post is taken from Saving Grace a year-long devotional book based on material from Jack Miller’s sermons.


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