Deeper than My View of Grace


Deeper than My View of Grace

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This summer I had an opportunity to start several days by singing simple songs of faith with elementary school students. I volunteered at a program for at-risk kids that my church organizes. I not only got to sing, I got to do the hand motions, too!

We sang a song each day about God’s love and one has been stuck in my head—in a good way. The song says that God’s love is “deeper than my view of grace.”

For many of us who have had an awakening to the grace of God in our lives, it can almost be like a second conversion to faith in Christ. I’ve heard such testimonies several times and for people including Jack Miller (Serge) and Francis Schaeffer (L’Abri) renewal experiences actually have led to founding new ministries that have touched many lives.

But the dark underbelly of being renewed in the Gospel of grace can be a tendency to turn even this into a form of righteousness. Statements come up such as, he or she really “gets it” or doesn’t “get it.” Camps form. All of this bears so little reflection to the unity, humility, and bearing with one another in love that Christ calls us to.

So, I was so glad to see that the simple song we sang with the kids acknowledged that God’s love is deeper than our view of His grace. We are discovering God’s grace, but we don’t “get it” totally. We seek to live as ones who have been saved by grace, but that reality needs to be made new all the time.

My fear is that we think we’ve “got it” we are no longer open to the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives which is all about dependence on Him, not our understanding.

How’s your view of God’s grace today? One thing you can rest assured about is that God’s love is not tied into you completely understanding Him or His ways. With that graceful understanding we can also bear with our brothers and sisters who are fellow journeyers faith—and trust that God is bearing with us.

As the song says:

Your love is deeper than my view of grace

Higher than this worldly place

Longer than this road I’ve traveled

Wider than the gap You’ve filled

(Jami Smith – Your Love Is Deep Lyrics | MetroLyrics)

Let me know if you’d like to learn the hand motions!


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