Church in Prague Reaches Out to Refugees in Despair

By R.J. March on November 12, 2015

Faith Community Church, an international church in Prague founded by Serge missionaries, has a new staff worker to coordinate outreach to refugees  – thanks in part to many of you making donations to the Serge Europe Refugee Crisis Fund. The funds have allowed the church to hire a Czech woman named Petra to serve as a refugee assistance coordinator.

This week, Petra went to the newest detention center for refugees in the Czech Republic. Fearing deportation to their countries of origin, refugees started a hunger strike at the detention center. While Petra was at the detention center, one man slit his wrists, saying he’d rather die here and now than go back.

Petra decided to tell the media and was interviewed on Czech TV this week by phone. Reuters heard of the story and published this article on the situation, interviewing Petra. She will go back to the detention center and might be interviewed again, this time on live TV.


Photo sourced from Flickr under a Creative Commons license. The term refugee was used in preference to the term migrant for reasons explained here by the BBC.


R.J. March

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