A Century of Healthcare for God’s Glory

By R.J. March on May 29, 2015

Join us in celebrating with Kijabe Hospital, our ministry partners in Kenya. This year, they celebrate 100 years of healthcare for God’s glory!

Recently Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta attended centennial festivities and thanked AIM, the Africa Inland Church and many others for their service. President Kenyatta took a tour, and as he passed through the new children’s center a dozen or so doctors and nurses stood behind the new nursing station in a line of greeting and respect.

The Centennial Celebration included awards to many Kenyans who are providing excellent care from Kijabe to the entire region including Nairobi.

Serge missionaries and physicians Drs. Scott and Jennifer Myhre were both honored for their work with the hospital. As Jennifer Myhre recounts on their blog,

“Five current hospital workers were given Centennial awards:  a driver for compassion, a laundry worker for faithfulness, a nurse-in-charge for leadership, an plumber for longstanding ingenuity and service . . . and me for ‘excellence’, which is mostly about our Pediatrics Department and how it has been built up by all of the great pediatricians here over the last five years.  I was floored …”



You can follow the Centennial Celebrations on the Kijabe Hospital website


R.J. March

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