A Blessing for Courage: God Is Working for Our Good and for His Glory

By Tahimy Cuellar Zaldivar on January 31, 2017

I love people! It is amazing the diversity of nations and tribes around the world. Have you ever thought about it for at least two seconds? Imagining that God is the creator of all these nations and tribes is made even more amazing when we grasp that He has created them all with the desire to bless them in many ways.

England, but London in particular, has been blessed for many, many years by God in different ways and there is no doubt about it. The only problem is that the society has forgotten this a long time ago and has become arrogant and individualistic as a result (not a new problem, nor unique to England, don’t worry, see Deut. 8:11-14; 8:17-19).

Materialistic societies normally place a lot of importance on money and futile things instead of love and valuing the people in their lives. That has caused me grief and it can be very hard to withstand, at least for me, so do I have to give up? To be honest I would like to! But what is the benefit of living in a place that has lots riches (like many cultures and good economic development), but is poor in what is really important (human relationship, care, dignity, values of love)? Instead of enjoying these riches, we keep a distance, try to compete, and choose apathy. This is the brokenness I see: a society can have all the treasure but at the same time be empty and desperate for fullness.

In the middle of my struggles and reflections, God is always my loving father and the light in the midst of the darkness. Because of Him I’m here, doing an Apprenticeship with Serge in my local church. God has put incredible Christian people around me to help, encourage, and guide me. This new season in my life is becoming more joyful and delightful and also is a challenge to learn how to love well and how to be willing to present the good news of God’s love to everyone, no matter what they think or how they behave, all this for the extension of God’s Kingdom! (Rom. 8:28)

I am encouraged in this, so I wish this blessing for you: to trust the Lord; He has truly great things for you that He has prepared in advance before you were born!


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