184 Speed Bumps

By Jason Brotherton and Ree'l Street on April 06, 2016

Editor’s Note: Jason and Ree’L and their son Sylis recently moved from East Tennessee to East Africa. They are engaged in a five-year mission to provide medical care and medical education in a rural area of Kenya. Learn more about them and their work in this short video of their first drive in Kenya, described below:


After traveling for 24+ hours and picking up some essentials in Nairobi, we finally headed toward Chogoria, our home for the next five years. After we hit the first speed bump in Nairobi, it was suggested that we count the speed bumps between Nairobi and Chogoria. More than four hours later we pulled into our new community. At the same time we counted the 184th speed bump! Yes, it was a very, very bumpy ride, but worth every obstacle to finally arrive in the place where we feel called to serve.


Since arriving, we have been reflecting on the “speed bumps” we experienced to get here, the bumps we are in the midst of, and those we will encounter in the future as we become a part of this community. Our speed bumps to-date have wisely slowed us down, taught us important lessons, and helped us understand our individual limitations.


We must ask ourselves, though, what are we going to do as we hit future speedbumps? Will we gracefully slow down, mightily climb them, thankfully dismount, and thoughtfully apply our learnings to the next speedbump? In our own strength, probably not. However, with God’s strength and the prayers and support of many, we know this is possible.


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Jason Brotherton and Ree'l Street

About Jason Brotherton and Ree'l Street

Jason and Ree’L grew up together in Appalachia and both attended East Tennessee State University. Following undergraduate studies, they pursued master’s degrees (M.S. in Biomedical Sciences at Texas Tech for Jason and an M.B.A. at Georgia Tech for Ree’L). From 2005-09, Jason attended Medical School at the University of Tennessee, where God used a trip to Sudan and leaders at an inner-city clinic to point him to a life of mission. Simultaneously, Ree’L started a career in business consulting. In 2007, the two finally tied the knot. The now live and serve with the son Sylis in Chogoria, Kenya.