As Serge (previously named World Harvest Mission) has grown and changed, it became apparent that a new name was an important part of sharing the breadth of the ministry, inviting people into the work, and clearly explaining the beauty of the gospel. And so, after much prayer, counsel, and research we changed our name to Serge in April 2014.

Why did you change your name?

While the name World Harvest Mission served us well over the years, it didn’t adequately represent the fullness of who we are. It frequently caused people unfamiliar with the organization to think we did work related to food or farming. It was also very similar to other organizations, which was a cause for confusion. In addition, the name had negative connotations with nonbelievers and younger Christians. Finally, the name didn’t capture the fullness of the work. We send out missionaries, but we’re also passionate about training, mentoring, and producing resources to support these efforts. While no name is perfect, Serge enables us to be more inviting (and more clear) to those we most want to serve.

What does Serge mean?

Serge is a verb that means “joining together rough edges to form a smooth seam.” We believe God weaves His goodness and grace into the ragged parts of our lives, making the tattered beautiful. It’s here we see His grace at the fray—in our life and in our work. This is the heart of Serge.

World Harvest Mission is more literal, while Serge is more abstract. How do you account for the difference?

While World Harvest Mission is more literal than the new name, it was misleading. Staff members often had to clear up people’s misconceptions about the name (explaining that we don’t only do agricultural programs, for example). With Serge, we have the ability to define what it means for people. It’s a conversation starter. We can define it on our own terms and invite people into an understanding of the Serge story.