Gray, Aaron and Deborah

Gray, Aaron and Deborah


I am from Georgia, second oldest in a family of six, and have played (and loved) soccer (or futbol!) all my life. This mix is likely the reason I am relatively comfortable in the midst of chaos and love to find connection points with anyone I meet. My wife and I got married in 2010 and both had a heart for the foreigner and a draw toward cross-cultural work.

Mentor relationships have always been a significant part of my personal growth, which were most profound while in college, through RUF, and in seminary, through internships and work on campus (RTS-Charlotte). These relationships helped form the kind of ministry I wanted to be a part of. I finished my M.Div in 2015 and accepted a call with a church north of the city where I served until 2019, when my wife and I felt led to serve abroad and joined Serge and a team in Spain.

We returned to the States in 2022, and I accepted and began a new role with Serge’s Home Office where I can cultivate ministry partnerships between Serge and university ministries and seminaries with the big-picture goal of connecting young people to the international mission of God.

My family and I now call Nashville, TN home; I still love to play fútbol; I remain an unabashed “nerd” in all things Star Wars and Lord of the Rings; and I now use my Spanish to continue finding “connection points” with even more people.